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Processing ability
Date£º2012/12/4 | Views£º4981
 ¡ñExcellent Equipment More than 10 sets Japan Makino high speed CNC machine, Max ability is L2000mm ¦µ300mm

¡ñOriginal special Machine 6 sets original special Engraving Machine which Created by Japan Sakazaki, is good at small gap finish, ensure tolerance within 0.005mm

¡ñComplete supporting Japan vacuum heat treatment furnace and largest vacuum heat treat

furnace can prosess according to single requirments , ensure the workpiece¡¯s hardness ,toughness and deformation

¡ñPerfect prosess workmanship Mix together CNC and EDM , many kinds of surface coating and other skills to fit of customer¡¯s special repuirements endurance of various anti-sticking and anticorrosive coating.

¡ñTraditional skill Engraving under microscope by hand , persuit utmost precision into excellent state

¡ñRigorous testing Diverse simulate testing equipments , dilevery mould with samples to customers

¡ñUltimate Challenge Endless in ultra-small gap challenge, try to manufacture blade emission of 0.4mm gap and ¦µ0.6mm hole

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